The Montreal Smoked Meat House Ltd -

Since 1978, The Montreal Smoked Meat House has defined our focus on great comfort food. Straightforward, always the best it can be. Long lines formed outside of founder Oliver Martin small butcher shop, which he called  "Le Boeuf Mignon" in Old Montreal, Quebec as the aroma of 16 days marinated brisket and 12 hours of slow smoking wafted out into the air. 

He and his partner Izaak Juda stuck to the basics that people loved and came back for, over and over again.  Nowadays everyone can enjoy Montreal smoked meat sandwich or smoked meat platters. 

The Famous Montreal Smoke Meat House Rib Eyes Steak with bone
In an age of proliferating takeout and fast food dining, The Montreal Smoked Meat House offers a unique opportunity for people who yearn for fine quality and the comfort of homemade food. We make it a truly enjoyable experience to come in and order the foods our family likes best: smoked meat, rotisserie chicken, rib eye steak with bone or meatloaf, with sides ranging from classic mashed potatoes to freshly steamed vegetables and garlic-infused creamed spinach.

The Montreal Smoked Meat House was destined to provide an exciting new choice in dining out or bringing it home.